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Image by Ian Schneider
Three Strikes, And I'm Still In!: Image
Three Strikes, And I'm Still In!: Image


Three Strikes, And I'm Still In!: Text
Three Strikes, And I'm Still In!: Video

I am sharing a story that will show those of you who want to say goodbye to life’s unexpected struggles and find a path to develop a new way of life. You know who you are, you are stuck in a bad relationship, you are stuck in a job that is going nowhere but you are afraid to take the big leap. Well, continue reading and see how one person reacts when the baseball-game-of-life throws them three strikes.

My client was telling me about the three strikes she encountered as a result of the Covid pandemic. Strike One: reduction of income, Strike Two: the loss of being close with friends, and Strike Three: the abrupt and unexpected ending of plans for her business and hopes for how her life would unfold.

Looking back over the past two years since the beginning of the pandemic she reflected on the interesting fact that she faced all these struggles with enthusiasm and excitement. As she was telling me all this, I shook my head and became very curious. I asked, “How do you face such struggles with enthusiasm and excitement when most people face them with sadness and disappointment?” Her response was even more curious and interesting - she said, “Anytime life throws three strikes against me, I never say I am out, I always say I am in!”

She explained, when you are thrown strikes, that is the exact moment when life can become most interesting.

One of her strengths is to rely on her intuition and follow her north star. In times of uncertainty her inner knowing kicks in and gives her a sense of direction without knowing the details about where she is going. When life suddenly changes, it is time to act like Thelma and Louise, but the only thing to kill is the past and the only path is to go into high gear and embrace the unknown future.

What followed was a fascinating exchange which you can watch by following this link:

Three Strikes and "I AM IN!"

The conclusion is, whenever life throws you three strikes you do not have to say “I am out”-  instead you can say “I AM IN!”, to win at all costs.

She further explained that she is in to win with the following three “home runs” that work in her favor:

  1. Intuition – She knows this is a time to follow what feels good for her. Other people see the world as chaotic and scary. She sees the world as changing and offering new possibilities that she doesn’t even know exist.

  2. Trust – She trusts that with planning and a lot of leaning into taking action based on what feels good that the universe will provide what she needs. She lets go of control and surrenders to a higher power that she trusts will guide her.

  3. Enthusiasm – She embraces all actions with enthusiasm and excitement. At time like these, she is in life to experience new things not in it to repeat the past.

Want to learn how to follow your north star?

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Three Strikes, And I'm Still In!: Text
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