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Everyday people are learning to live life easier.

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As a private coach I often work with CEOs, opera singers, athletes, high achievers of all kinds… I work with them on a personal level, we get specific about their wants and needs, and we make life easier. I’ve found patterns in this work, methods I keep using over and over again. It doesn’t just work for people under tons of pressure (or think they are), and it’s not just for the rich and famous. It works for everybody. This realization is what led me to start Live Life Easier– everyone should have access to the good life. 

As you might expect, most of my private clients are…wait for it!… private. But here are a couple of community members who wanted to share their stories.

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Marissa Chamberlain

“I used to wake up with crippling anxiety every single day… until I met Bob Russo. [His coaching] literally changed my life around– it made me feel a different way, and now I like getting up in the morning, I like seeing my friends, I’m on new adventures, I just bought my first place!”

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Michael Sundell

“I’ve been to at least six of his meetings, and he really knows how to touch on the things that are universal to the human experience. Every time I come out of a conversation [with him], or one of his groups, I feel energized and a bit lighter.”

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