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Choose How You Want to Live Life Easier

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    • Easy as it gets Live Life Easier option
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  • Membership Level

    Every month
    Become a Community Member
    • Includes a monthly group coaching session
    • A monthly tip-based online self-study program
    • A text message Tip of the Day
    • Access to the Community Page to:
    • Keep in touch with other members and coaches
    • Ask questions and receive feedback
    • Hold each other accountable and celebrate wins
    • Support one another day to day
  • Private Client

    Every month
    Coaching, mentoring, and advising on life and business goals
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private coaching plan includes 3 private sessions per month
    • Concerns or quick inspiration can be texted to Bob
    • Text message Tip of the Day
    • Full access to the Community Page
    • Sign up for a year of Private Coaching & get 2 VIP days
    • Decide exactly what you want to work on together
    • Personalized coaching day in person or through Zoom
    • Fully focused on you
  • Empowerment

    April & May 2022
    Valid for 2 months
    • Live Life Easier with more empowerment
    • Learn to deal with your troubling thoughts
    • Having to deal with being triggered and the interpretations
    • Three group sessions per month
    • One private coaching session per month
    • Tuesday - 7:00 pm Eastern Time - Dates to be Determined
    • Zoom meeting details will be emailed after you sign-up
  • Living With More Joy

    Valid for 2 months
    • Understand Yourself

      Valid for 2 months
      • Live with Compassion

        Valid for 2 months
        • Less Stress at Work

          Valid for 2 months
          • Focuses on workplace politics, setting boundaries
          • Dealing with bullying and intimidation
          • Overcoming stress with physical activity
          • All Group Workshops meet on Zoom
          • Consist of three group sessions
          • One private coaching session per month for two months
          • You’ll receive a variety of workbooks and other tools
          • Every session will be unique to the group
          • A great place to meet, connect, and support other members
          • Discover solutions from a range of perspectives
        • More Commitment

          Valid for 2 months
          Plans and Pricing: PaidPlans
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