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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which program is right for me?

The easiest way to answer this is to schedule a free consultation. I’ll ask a few questions about you, your life, and your goals, and I’ll lay out a recommended strategy. Then you can decide from there how you want to proceed.

What benefits can I expect from joining Live Life Easier?

Everybody has different goals coming into this, but the thread through everyone’s experience (and beware this may absolutely SHOCK you) – is that life becomes easier. This might mean you literally simplify your day to day. This may also mean you’re more capable of handling stress because you don’t go into tough situations already in a sour mood. If you don’t like your work commute, or your work from home office, you’re not setting yourself up for a pleasant time. What if you loved your office? What if your commute turned into your favorite part of the day? How would you treat people differently? Once you get the little things right and start living life easier, the benefits start to snowball.

How much time do I need to invest to start seeing results?

Many of the practical tips work quickly. As in, do it now and it works today. But we may work on changing some habits, some instincts, and some personal beliefs about yourself. Those may take a little longer. The simple answer is the more time you invest, the more benefits you’ll see. The little differences come quick, the bigger changes take time.


What kind of tips can I expect?

Our practical coaching tips are simple and easy to implement. A handful of free videos featuring practical tips can be found here. The goal of all of our tips is to make it easy for you to start living with more joy, commitment, and less stress.

What areas of my life will this improve?

Perhaps you’ve heard, “how you do one thing is how you do everything”. I think more specifically, the way you approach things in one area of your life is the way you approach things in all areas. So even if we focus on improving just one corner of your life, when your approach changes, it spills over into everything else.

Do I need a private coach?

If you’re asking this question, you probably already know the answer. The real questions are– is this the right coach for me? What are my goals and how might this coach help me achieve them? And, am I ready to begin?


Does hiring a coach signify weakness, or that I can’t reach my goals on my own?

The Rock has a strength coach, Meryl Streep has an acting coach… as this Forbes article says, “there’s a reason people who are the best in the world at whatever it is they do have coaches”. It’s not for the weak, certainly not for the lazy. Almost all of my clients say they would have eventually reached their goals on their own. It just would have taken them longer, it would have been harder, and they would have second guessed themselves at every major turning point along the way. So the short answer is no, it’s not about weakness. It’s about getting a leg up, performing your best, and having another set of eyes and ears when determining what should or shouldn’t be troubling you along the way.

How long can I expect to work with a Live Life Easier coach?

Typically, private clients meet with an LLE coach two to three times a month for six to twelve months. This can be determined during an initial consultation, but there are no hard and fast rules. It really depends on your personal wants and needs.

If I enroll in a workshop or private coaching, is there a refund policy?

  • For workshops, you can cancel and receive a full refund up to one week prior to the first session, no questions asked.

  • For private coaching, ongoing plans and individual sessions can be canceled any time beforehand at no extra charge, and if you can’t make an individual session, you can reschedule at no extra charge.


What kind of access will I have to coaches outside of workshops or private sessions?

  • Private clients can text their coach between sessions with any questions, comments, updates, or if they need quick advice or inspiration, any time throughout their coaching.

  • Those enrolled in the live workshops receive one private coaching session for each month of the workshop.

  • Subscribers and Community Members can post questions on the website or Community Page and get answers from peers or other coaches.

What is a typical path from Subscribing to becoming a private client? Do I have to become a private client?

The path is up to you. Some people enjoy the benefits of being a subscriber and never see a need to become a community member, take a workshop, or become a private client. Others want to dive all the way in as quickly as possible. You may find that a group workshop is overwhelming but private coaching is just right. Or maybe just getting the newsletter is enough to make the impact you’re looking for. Everyone learns differently, so I recommend trying out a few options before making a long term commitment.

Coaching is a big investment - how do I know it’s worth it?

Coaching is a big investment. Of your time, commitment, money, and energy. Is it worth it? There’s really only one way to find out if it’s worth it for you. If I can help you reach your next goal quicker and easier, it should ultimately save you time, money, and energy. If you want a personal touch to this answer, I offer a free consultation for anyone curious about which plan is right for them.

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